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The Cost of Love Series

Complete boxed set: Books 1- 3

Will a former slave with no memory past the last 5 years risk everything for love? Can the walls around the heart of a woman who married a man to save another's life finally come crashing down? Will the social rebel find the adventure of love to be more than she bargained for?

Enjoy this boxed set to and get all three books for the price of two!

What readers are saying 

Wow! I just loved this series!! I’m a fan of Historical Romance and Mrs Carr is a favorite author to me! These 3 women are awesome and I loved getting to know them. They are all strong and straightforward women who don’t hesitate to put their lives in peril to defend family and what they know is right. And swoony wonderful heroes too! These stories have sweet and clean romance, spunk, adventure, intrigue and even humor. Loved the writing style and the plot kept me engaged with its twists and turns. I totally recommend them!!

                           ~ Reader review

I was on the edge of my seat to find out what happened next. The characters were so full of life and richly textured. Must read!!

                           ~Reader review


Carr's attention to emotional detail, be it the caustic dialogue of the antagonists or the tender interactions between the lovers, is certain to resonate with readers. 

          ~BookLife Prize Judge

This well-told historical romance is intense and powerful. 

          ~Publishers Weekly Reviewer


Second place winner of the Romance Writers of America HHRW Chapter's Romance through the Ages Contest- Civil War Romance Category

Quarter Finalist in the BookLife by Publishers Weekly Prize Contest

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