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Deena Lyon has stolen many things in order to survive, but stealing someone’s identity is a new low even for her. She needs to escape a notorious criminal. Overhearing a conversation between matchmaker Mildred Crenshaw and one of her mail-order brides provides the perfect solution. Deena hightails it to the Dakota Territory pretending to be a mail-order bride until she figures out a way to save her hide.

Asa Grantt needs a mother for his daughter and a wife to help around the farm. He’s already had his heart ripped out by his first wife, so he isn’t looking for love. When the woman claiming to be his mail-order bride barges into his home, full of life and makes his barbwire encased heart stir, he can’t help wondering what happened to the plain, safe woman he’d been corresponding with for the last six months?

Deena's Deception

  • There are no returns, refunds, or exchnages on signed papaerbacks. 

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