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Can’t a lady dedicate her life to serving others without the encumbrance of a husband?

A year ago, Virginia’s closest friend was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Since, then she has dedicated her life to the abolitionist efforts and fighting for change in America. But when an opportunity to be a Conductor comes wrapped in the condition of marriage, Virginia finds herself giving in to the one thing she swore she’d never do- after all, even if society frowns upon it, separation is always an option.

Only, as time goes on, she finds the though of leaving the marriage less and less appealing…

Charles remembered her the moment he saw her. The feisty young woman who had demanded he dance with her at a party the year before. Only now she wants nothing to do with him. That is, until she realizes he can make an opportunity she’s dying to have a reality. Yes, he is allowing her to use him, but Charles has plans of his own- which don’t include letting her go.

In the midst of a country immersed in Civil War, can two people entangled in a marriage of convenience find the grace and forgiveness needed for real love?

The Cost of Atonement signed paperback

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